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Buy German drivers license online. To obtain a German driving license, you need to pass both your theory and your practical driving tests. In fact, you must pass the theory test before you can go through a driving test. Most people fail the driving license test not because they can’t drive, most people are intimidated by the crowd and cannot perform in public. We offer exclusive services where you can  With the innovation of technology, we beat our chest to say we are able to deliver over 99,000 German driver licenses.

How to Get a German Driver’s License (der Führerschein)


Okay, now you have learned whether you have reciprocity or not, and you’re ready to get the ball rolling to apply for your new German driver’s license (Führerschein). Where do you go? What documents do you need to have with you?

The following information applies to almost anyone applying for a German driver’s license, no matter from which non-EU country. (EU citizens with licenses from their home country don’t need to get a German one.) Whether you come from Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, the USA, or any other Drittstaat, the procedure is the same, with only minor variations, depending on your country’s license agreements with Germany. But you do have a few options. Some of our options are favourable to all. If you can drive, there will be no need to go for a driving test. You can order for German drivers license online.

Option 1. Fahrschule

If your German is minimal, even if you have a full waiver of testing (but especially if you need to take either the practical road test or the theoretical written test), going through a local Fahrschule (driving school) that has experience working with foreigners may be the best approach for you. But if you choose not to, We will be your best option to get you a German drivers license. You can buy German drivers license online without taking a test. For the fee, we can take you through the bureaucracy involved in getting your license.

we can also help you find a first-aid course (required). Even Germans have to do that! (In Germany, your parents don’t teach you to drive; an official, certified Fahrschule does.) If you use a driving school, you have to choose one before you submit your application for a driver’s license. Buy German drivers license online.

Chances are, at some point after your arrival, you’d love to get behind the wheel again! The rules can be a little complicated for you to get a german drivers license. some driving licenses are easy to exchange without bureaucracy, others require you to start from scratch.

If you already have a valid driver’s license from your home country and you’d like to get a German driving license, just contact us and we will guide you on how to buy German drivers license online or exchange your driver’s license

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